EquBot Platform Offerings

Full Investment AI Solutions

Deconstruct your current portfolio management mandate to analyze the signals driving your strategy performance.

Unleash EquBot AI designed to understand what AI data can be applied to enhance strategy returns, and when to initiate trades.

A fully customized on-boarding experience coupled with all of the real-time and forecasting tools and reports on the EquBot platform.

Package Advantages

  • Customized consulted on-boarding to directly interface with EquBot technology
  • Open system access with no data limitations
  • Real time portfolio construction and rebalance recommendations
  • AI performance attribution on-demand
  • Disaggregated AI analytics report
  • Scheduled AI custom reporting engine
  • Enhanced ML portfolio testing data
  • AI comparative investment reports

Specified AI Overlay

A consulted integration of our platform to deliver specified tools into an established investment process.

AI portfolio and custom investment risk attribution reports. ML modules applied to capture key investment insights impacting returns.

Specific tools for active managers looking for alpha or asset managers looking to improve their technological efficiencies and improve trading and research synergies.

Overlay Potential

  • Index and portfolio recommendations on-demand
  • Instant macro, sector-level, and name specific signals
  • Scheduled AI report delivery
  • AI daily optimization tool
  • AI investment research portal
  • AI trading opportunity signals
  • AI Credit Risk – Early Warning Monitor

API, Widgets, and Reports

Employ artificial intelligence to process more market data and generate more objective investment decisions given your set of investment criteria.

Distributed Product Menu

  • AI Heat Map
  • AI Knowledge Graph
  • Portfolio Forecasting
  • AI Fundamental Data
  • AI Risk Data & AI Credit Scores
  • AI Event Analysis
  • AI Management Analysis
  • AI Trading Signals
  • AI Recommendation Engine
  • AI Downside Risk Monitor
  • Portfolio Construction Tool
  • AI Trade Recommendations
  • And more…